"styles that feel as good on you as they do on your conscience"

In one line that is our goal. We want to bring the joy back into fashion showing off your individuality and expression through clothing. Without that nagging feeling of what is the effect of this purchase. That's not to say we're perfect there is no truly sustainable brand. However we want to find the line where we can indulge without overly worrying about are effect on people and the planet.

I will be releasing a new article on my blog "Sustainability- My definition". Which will go into more detail on why I believe we deserve the name of a sustainable fashion brand but to shorten it down for you

Earth- Using reclaimed and deadstock fabrics to ensure we're not adding any more unnecessary textiles to the earth. (Our trims are bought new till reliable alternatives are found). Majority of pieces are made to order reducing waste

People- Ensuring all workers have good working conditions and living wage. (It's a one woman team right now so an easy box to tick). Inclusivity in design our sizes currently go to 8-18 but we're looking to expand in future.




My brand journey started like many others during the pandemic. My time was spent scrolling through social media and re-visiting old hobbies. My first step back into sewing was from a group of local sewers like many others banding together to sew scrubs during the national shortage. It was here that I had my eureka moment. I edited the template of the pattern to make the scrubs to form my first two piece made using what I had to go spare- my favourite bedding sheet. (You can spot this first butterfly based design in the images above)

I never considered myself an entrepreneur but after going on this journey looking back it seems that the spark was always there. One of my first business ideas was "thrift flipping" before it was trendy. I had the idea to crop charity shop clothes and re-sell them. Me and a friend came up with names and ideas but nothing more. My next business idea was "space titties" a rave and festival brand. However still no progress was made. The change for me is that reclaimed DNA has a genuine purpose more then sales it's to challenge the way we shop as individuals and the way that business run. Its that desire to make a change which is why your reading this page right now.