My Sustainable

Sustainability is a big term with no clear definition which causes a lot of confusion and even more greenwashing (pretending to be sustainable/eco friendly). I wanted to explain my ideas on sustainability so you can decide if our brand values align with yours!

My definition of sustainability can be broken down into - Planet, People and Products. I believe all three of these need to be considered to create a truly sustainable brand.

Planet- This covers everything eco friendly. What is the impact of the product on the planet from the fabric choice, to the dyes used.

At Reclaimed DNA our main approach to the planet is in the name. Using reclaimed fabrics that have all ready been created without our demand and that may other wise end up in landfill. By doing this we over step the need for any more textiles to be created. This cuts out the need to produce new raw fabrics, dye and process them and all the other harmful factors that are involved.

People- Making sure anyone who works directly with us has good working condition and a living not minimum wage.

This is one of the easier boxes for me to tick right now as you're looking at a one woman team! However this is a best practice that has been considered whilst pricing these items to ensure if any more staff is needed they will be provided with the best practices and working conditions. 

Unfortunately I am not able to account for the fabric producers within my supply chain as we have no direct link to them and no way to track the supply chain any further back. 

Products- Making sure products are produced to last with a clear purposes. Considered full life cycle of products

By Hand producing each item I can personally ensure it is made out of good quality fabrics and are made in a way to last. The items at reclaimed DNA are mainly produced on a slow fashion model which decreases the likely hood of impulse buying and overconsumption. We hope that by pricing our items higher and educating on their value means you will treat them with love and care. 

Unfortunately we do not yet have a system in place for the end life cycle of these products. Once the business starts to grow I do hope to create a form of repair or buy back system. However you'll have to come back here in the future for any updates on that