Love, Care & Wear

Hopefully you love your new item I want to make it last a lifetime. So we've provided some tips for how best to care for your items so you can love them forever. I've also provided some ways you can help lower the impact of your clothes once they're safely in your home!


All of the pieces are handmade by me (Darwin). I spend a lot of time handmaking your items to the best quality so they'll last. There's always something you can do on your side to help.

Washing- When washing your items hand washing is preferred for longevity as it puts the least pressure on seams and will cause less loss of colour over time. Of course we know some of you may not have the time to hand wash items. For this we advise machine washing on a low and more delicate setting. For any stains use spot treatment and flip your items inside out to help prevent fading!

Ironing- When Ironing your items always turn them inside out. Individual ironing care will arrive with your item. We always advise test ironing a small area to ensure the fabric can handle the heat

Other Care Instructions will be available on advice slip with items. For any other questions feel free to message on either @reclaimeddna

Lowering Your Impact

Did you know that most of the energy use in the life cycle of cotton happens post-purchase!!

As hard as any sustainable brand tries to cut down on emissions and be more eco-friendly. The real job is in your hands and I wanted to give a few good tips to make that even easier for you.

  • Washing on lower heats saves energy and money!
  • Leave your clothes outside to air dry
  • Keeping a piece for an extra 9 months can reduce its environmental impact by 20-30%.
  • Spot Clean when necessary rather than doing a full wash
  • Washing your clothes inside out helps reduce bobbling and signs of wear
  • Hand Washing more delicate items
  • Air out clothes rather than washing them *especially items that haven't been heavily worn
  • Using a micro plastic catching system when washing synthetics